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the night fuels the day

From sunrise to sunset, the team behind OOLER™ has spent a combined 155,00+ hours collaborating, researching and testing to bring the world optimized sleep. We come to work everyday not only so we sleep better at night — but so you do.

Our Story

“The night should fuel the day. But for almost everyone, it’s the opposite. Finally, OOLER reverses the trend.”

Over a decade ago, Todd and Tara Youngblood were tired of being tired. They were sick of waking up exhausted and frustrated with the health results of poor sleep. Utilizing Tara’s vast experience in science, they began to look for an answer. Most of the products they found, however, didn’t solve the problem.

Determined to sleep better, Tara turned to her background in science. If the fundamental problem was poor sleep, then what were the causes? Could there be a unifying solution? Some 300+ books and 2,000+ research articles later, the technology behind temperature-controlled sleep was the answer.

Utilizing Todd’s sales and product development experience, they began to produce their own product. His passion for sleep was cross-generational. His uncle was the inventor of the waterbed. After years perfecting the product and mountains of resources ensuring its success, OOLER was born.

Todd and Tara have enlisted some of the most-knowledgeable and hardest working people in the business to make their vision come alive. OOLER is a brand of Kryo™ Inc. 

Ernest Hemingway

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?”

Our Vision

We’re constantly talking about holistic health and how fitness and nutrition lead the conversion, but sleep is that last pillar which almost everyone is missing. We’re here to fix that.

Imagine a good night’s sleep — every night.

We did.

We believe in phenomenal sleep, and we believe it’s a basic human right. From professional athletes to everyday hustlers to even presidents, we want to help every individual accomplish their dreams. This all begins with a good night’s sleep, which is made possible by precise data and temperature change.

Our vision is simple: to build the best sleep products, to inspire individuals to sleep better and to fuel our communities with philanthropic and environmentally-conscientious efforts. Utilizing science to solve a worldwide problem, we feel a moral obligation to share our technology.

Finally, we can all be morning people.

From our co-founders

“We were evolutionarily designed to sleep in a cooler environment. Before our ancestors moved indoors, climatic rhythm determined sleep cycles. Finally, sleep as nature intended. Nights darker and cooler, days warmer and brighter.”

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