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Sleep on it: How Creative Decisions Improve With Sleep

Zack Self


Sleep on it: How Creative Decisions Improve With Sleep

Creative people need good sleep. Here’s to convincing them.

The science says good sleep is better for a person’s creativity. Usually, this is not what creative people tell themselves (and others).  

In fact, most sleep study participants who profess a creative expression report that a lack of sleep improves their creative output. They cite examples where insomnia leads to a burst of expressive art and a torrent of free-flowing thoughts to paper.

While no one denies the result of such creative periods, scientists have found what close friends and the people who live with them already know: such creative spurts usually follow periods of rest and precede deep sleep. The creative expressions tend to occur after rest, and subsequent deep sleep prepares them for the next time.

So can a creative person be more creative if they get good sleep?

What is “creativity”?

Creativity is the ability to bring solutions by forming abstract connections or solve complex problems. Visualizing a person holding a smile may not seem like a problem to you, but to certain people, it is a problem requiring intense thought and effort.  An example of one such ability holds the Guinness World Record for highest known insurance valuation.

Creativity depends on mental functions that in turn depend on sleep. The difference lies in the type of sleep, the duration of it, and its timing. A recent study found “evidence of the fact that creativity is not a uniform concept. Visual creativity is activated by -- and activates -- different cerebral mechanisms than verbal creativity." 

Good sleep begets great creativity

While creative people may feel they are more expressive, more creative, during times of little sleep, the fact is that previous episodes of good memory storage make their creative insights possible. Read more about how the brain uses our experience to create a memory.

Creativity comes from insight collected and stored during a really good night’s sleep. The converse is also true, sleep deprivation degrades mental ability and elevated brain functions.

Anybody can be creative—once. The people who are creative most often, and with the most valuable results, are the ones who treat their brain to good sleep.


Our conclusion: the more creative you need to be, the more difficult the problem to be solved, the more you need good sleep.

That's why we came up with a creative way to control your body temperature on the bed because we know in our heart that good sleep is profoundly beneficial. It’s nice to read that science agrees with us.

Be your creative best.

Get the best sleep of your life with OOLER™ on your bed.

Then solve the world’s biggest problem. We’re cheering for you.