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Six More Weeks of Winter for Sleep

Zack Self


Six More Weeks of Winter for Sleep

If you sleep well only when it’s cold outside, you don’t need six more weeks of Winter. Honest.

We spend our lives trying to avoid the bad side of a statistic. Like getting crushed by a vending machine. Or getting less sleep as the temperature rises. Millions of people are on the wrong side of that problem. Those poor people need six more weeks of winter – if only to get decent sleep.

Don’t get on the wrong side of a bad sleep stat. Keep your bed weather-resistant.

Winter. That time of year when the sun is furthest away-- furthest from the bed and the nearest many get to deep sleep. The converse is also true: the closer their bed to the sun, the more distant and out of reach is good sleep.

Cooler temperatures are associated with longer periods of sleep—for many reasons. The brain’s perception of decreased sunlight occurs more frequently in Winter, which in turn increases sleep-onset mechanisms (such as the release of naturally-occurring melatonin). The body sheds heat early in the sleep cycle, so a cool environment greatly aids that process.

There is much you can do to enjoy those benefits throughout the year, even during the long, hot days of summer. Keep changes of weather outside.

Here’s one suggestion: Keep your bed temperature cool. Some depend on A/C bringing the entire room temperature down to manage their sleep temperature. But it is very hard to do that affordably, and charitably to the other people in the room. Blankets, sheets, pajamas all introduce subjective variability to that scenario.

A better and more advanced solution is to control the temperature of that which is connected to the body. Such “controlled cool contact” will help draw heat away from the body in the most efficient manner. Take control of just that discrete sleep center and let the weather do what it will, when it will.

If you need winter for its cool night and sleep, you’re going to love OOLER.

At OOLER, we care about sleep and bring advanced technology to help you sleep cool year ‘round, no matter the bed’s nearness to the Sun. You can even set different temperatures for the two sides of the bed.

You don’t need six more weeks of winter to sleep cool. Put OOLER on your bed to get the best sleep of your life every night.