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Our Brain Learns Better While the Body Sleeps Better

Zack Self


Our Brain Learns Better While the Body Sleeps Better

Everybody knows that good sleep is better for us. We just don’t fully know why. But scientists suggest that better sleep makes for better memories! We are not making this up.

Why do we need memory? Because our brains process memory to inform and shape our beliefs. Memory helps us to act rationally. Our memories affect and inform a very broad set of knowledge. But we must provide good sleep for the brain to do its best work.

Like sleep, much about memory function is unknown. But scientists are finding that memories become more useful during sleep. Our brain puts memories of the day into “short-term storage.” It is only later, while we sleep, that our brain goes to work on those memories. During sleep, the brain appears to reason on the memories, to instruct us and contribute to our internal knowledge base.

While we sleep, our brain consolidates those memories into something like an extremely well indexed “long-term storage” catalog with thousands or millions of “meta tags.” Our brain is smart enough to parse all those elements, categorize them, and make them instantly available for use. Scientists have discovered that even if a memory of an event is gone, the event still contributes to our overall knowledge!

The big risk from poor sleep

Poor sleep harms our ability to be fully informed and educated about our own life’s experience! It disrupts the time our brain needs to consolidate and process memories. According to one study, because of poor sleep our ability to retain and learn from what we are to experience that day is diminished.  Another study found that poor sleep impairs the mind’s ability to filter distractions and pay attention – to form memories – which in turn damages the brain’s ability to learn.

The best memories come with the best sleep

The types of memory and how the brain works to form, process, recall, and use it are still largely unknown. But one thing is clear. The better we sleep, the better our brain works.

Make longer memories even better! Put an OOLER on the bed for the best sleep of your life.