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How Sleep Strengthens Relationships

Zack Self


How Sleep Strengthens Relationships

Strengthen Your Relationship by Investing in Sleep Quality AND Chocolate

The best way to maintain the health of a long-term relationship probably isn’t just to spend money on a card, chocolates, flowers, or jewelry. Improving a couples’ quality of sleep has a greater benefit.

All the emotional factors that make a relationship weak are either minimized or negated by regular, high-quality sleep.

Scientists have scrupulously documented that personality and socio-economic and occupational factors, stressful life events, even gender and psychopathology factors can be blamed for the break-up of a relationship. And they find that, amazingly, all those factors are minimized and even negated by couples who routinely get good sleep—together.

The Profound Nature and Benefit of Couples’ Sleep

Sleep is a fundamental, shared biological function that, when performed with a partner, is a deeply important interaction. Deep attachments are formed when the experience is carefully curated. Just as sleep brings profound health benefits to an individual, it brings profound health benefits to a relationship. Health science supports this.

  • One study analyzed the functions of a human relationship by summarizing dozens of studies documenting the presence and power of both positive and negative emotions as determined by sleep quality. The pathways of emotions – such as security, closeness, hyperarousal, avoidance and conflict – are governed by sleep. Those who got good sleep with their partner did better interacting with their partner while awake. Those who didn’t, well… didn’t.
  • Another study found “sleep may be one type of biological coregulation that occurs within close, romantic relationships,” and that “coregulation of … sleep may be one pathway linking romantic relationships to health outcomes.”
  • In Couples’ Nighttime Sleep Efficiency and Concordance: Evidence for Bidirectional Associations with Daytime Relationship Functioning the authors noted, clinically, “bidirectional associations appear to exist between sleep parameters and [dyad’s] interpersonal interaction.” In other words, couples get along better when they sleep well together.

The conclusion? Couples that improve their sleep – together – improve their relationship. Shared, quality sleep makes for strong relationships and good health.

During good sleep, a “whole body rebalancing” process occurs called homeostasis. Among other things, the brain processes the days’ events to memories and lessons, synapses are released for new learning, and it sends signals to throughout the body to relax and repair each cell and fiber. This rebalancing prepares and strengthens the body to address the wakeful state with greater intelligence and energy.

Successful, healthy couples can double that power to a greater impact.

True power couples get regular, high-quality sleep together.

 For a satisfying relationship, invest in sleep quality.

 For a short-term gain in your relationship, do what everybody else does. By chocolates or some other small thing.

To maximize the health of your relationship, there is a superior option that few consider: Get the sleep your relationship needs for endurance and strength.

OOLER provides state-of-the-art sleep technology where couples’ relationships need it most—on their shared bed. OOLER allows each partner to control the temperature on their side of the bed for greater comfort and improved sleep architecture.

Learn more about how OOLER can improve your sleep quality (and your romance).