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OOLER Launches the World Best Sleep Improvement Product


Over a decade in the making, this family owned and operated business marries sleep science with smart technology.


Mooresville, North Carolina — OOLER™, owned and operated by Kryo™ Inc., believes everyone needs a good night’s sleep. That’s why they have brought the world better sleep — beginning today. OOLER's patented technology breaks down sleep issues into one holistic and natural conversation: temperature.

The team behind OOLER estimates that current mattresses, sheets and covers increase the sleep microclimate temperature by 45% or more. This staggering temperature increase leads to short sleep — which is dangerous to overall health, productivity and athletic performance over time.

What’s more is that individuals already fighting disease, pre-existing conditions or even hormonal changes may face an even hotter core body temperature.

“Sleep temperature is the shocking answer to many sleep deprivation issues,” said Todd Youngblood, CEO and co-founder of Kryo Inc. “It is the answer to a worldwide issue that no one was talking about. We couldn’t stand for that.”

The revolutionary idea that good sleep has nothing to do with comfort but everything to do with temperature is rooted in evolutionary science.

Homo Sapiens, who for the first 150,000+ years slept outside, were tied to nature and its natural occurrences. Across cultures, humans fell asleep when it became colder and darker and awoke when it was warmer and lighter. Their sleeping surfaces were not nearly as luxurious as modern mattresses, yet they slept better than humans currently do.

OOLER's new technology taps back into this insight: nights cooler and darker and days warmer and brighter. Its technology utilizes the cooling efficiency of water, which is 25x stronger than air, to bring consumers degree-level temperature optimization.

OOLER was designed with three parts: the control unit, the hydro layer and the mattress cover. Every sleep system includes these pieces. From iOS and Android app integration and a smart display to thermally regulatory fabrics that increase blood flow, every millimeter of OOLER was vigorously assessed.

OOLER will retail starting at $599. Consumers can choose between two product offerings: the ME for individual comfort or the WE for dual-temperature regulation.

The OOLER is also suited for year-round use as consumers can adjust sleep temperature from 55 to 115°F. Fall asleep warm and enjoy the health benefits of staying asleep cold.

“Better sleep is an absolute necessity,” said Tara Youngblood, chief scientist and co-founder of Kryo Inc. “Now, optimized sleep is possible.”

“Drawing on over 1,500 research articles and over 300 books, we’ve brought a product to market we feel a moral obligation to share. We believe every man, woman and child can sleep better. It’s our dream to help them accomplish their dreams. ”


About Kryo™ Inc.

Kryo Inc. is a sleep science and technology company that focuses on the path to better sleep. The team at Kryo has designed the only effective full-body temperature-regulation sleep system. Their 5-year goal is to help 15 million people sleep better — one night of restful sleep at a time. Headquartered just outside Charlotte, North Carolina, Kryo Inc. was founded in 2017.

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